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Based off years of experience, we can provide solutions that have proven successful.  We've developed program templates that cover hundreds of different applications. 

Even if you need a customized solutions, we can develop a template to fit your unique needs.



Founded in 2012, we here at Thunderhorse Automation pride ourselves in our ability to continually evolve and implement the newest innovative technology into all services we offer.

Our Core Values (FLAGSHIPS)

flagships  plural noun


1 the best or the most important things produced by a particular organization

Everything we do as a company and as individuals is reflective of our core values, FLAGSHIPS. FLAGSHIPS stands for Family Life, Acquire Grit, Stay Hungry, and Incredible People Smarts. Each holds true to who we are as a company and is exemplary of our employees.


Family Life

We believe in having a strong family life both at home and at work. That is shown by how we treat each other and others that we interact with and doing so in a respectful manner and by guiding each other.


Acquire Grit

This means we don't allow any issue big or small to deter us from completing the task at hand. We relish the challenge and thrive in pressure situations.


Stay Hungry
We are always looking to grow. We continually challenge ourselves and utilize a Mamba Mentality on every task we approach and doing so with excellence.

Incredible People Smarts

This is best defined by our capability to accurately read people and our ability to determine how best to suit our customers needs.



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    For general inquiries please contact us at


    To apply for a job with Thunderhorse Automation, please send a resume along with any certifications to

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